Europe’s Muslim rape coverup PLUS What leftists won’t teach you in school

Rape epidemic in Europe. What’s with the cover up? Plus: We talk to one rape survivor and ask if North American women are next.

But first, I expand on four lessons being left out of lectures thanks to the left’s control of the classroom:

Conservative white men are not the enemy…. Regressive leftist government policies are the real danger.

People who question specific tenets of Islam or point to dictatorial Islamic regimes, or talk openly about nasty individual Muslims, are not racist. Regressive leftists who adopt the idea that 1.6 billion believers all behave in the same way are the real racists.

Conservatives aren’t trying to turn back the clocks; today’s pseudo-liberals are the real medievalists.

Labelling people “Islamophobes” does not protect Muslim populations; it puts them and all others in more danger.

As always, I’d love to hear your reaction! I give out my contact information at the close of every episode, and of course, you can leave a comment below!

Thanks for watching and God bless!

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