England continues to be treated less favourably!

Yorkshire English Democrats

For those sceptics who doubt that England and her people are treated less favourably than the rest of the UK, here are two examples to add to free university tuition fees, free prescriptions, free social care etc:

1. In England men and women are not eligible for concessionary free bus travel until they reach ‘pensionable age’. Those affected will know that this concession is withheld until the age of 65 years when, prior to the Coalition Government having deferred payment to women of the state pension, free bus travel was available for both men and women at age 60 years and older.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland eligibility for this concession remains at age 60 years and older.

2. The average cost of EU budget contributions and receipts in 2014 was £48 per head across the UK. Disaggregated, this cost (or receipt) is as follows:

Northern Ireland – (£160)…

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