Feminists’ notion of ‘gender balance’.

Equality works both ways.

South West England - English Democrats

Here is the true face of feminism! Some of its proponents even claim that it promotes equality . . . for women. How ‘gender-balanced’ is this?


Natalie Bennett (Greens), Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) & Leanne Woods (Plaid Cymru)

However, the reality (about feminists’ claims to promote ‘equality’ I mean) is different! For example, have you ever heard feminists press for the male equivalent of Lady Mayoress or Mayoress? The name is not important, but the position may be.

To the above coven one might add:


Ruth Davidson (Scottish Conservatives)

I’ve no objection to women being predominant, but I do find the rationale for promoting them counterfeit. Either they are the equal of men and do not need special treatment, or they need special treatment because they are not the equal of men! The easy solution of using women only short-lists not only avoids addressing the short-comings of current selection methods, but…

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