Moving forward with the English Democrats

Labour living in the past, lets just compare a couple of items. We want an English Parliament with accountable English MPs making decisions on English only services, this is called an accountable and transparent democracy answerable to the people.

However Labour doesn’t want this, they want unaccountable Scottish MPs deciding England’s tax rates and public services whilst we have no say on theirs, that is anti democratic.

We only have to view Mr Burnham’s voting record as MP to see he is against an open, transparent and accountable Parliament, besides voting very strongly for the Iraq war he also voted very strongly against an investigation into it, he doesn’t want the people to have a say on the EU.and nearly always following the party line (not good if the party line is bad for Leigh).

We had 13yrs of a “Wicked and Malicious” Labour party(Hazel Blears) which brought this country to the brink of financial ruin, and Mr Burnham was part of that government, a Labour party that privatised the NHS via the disastrous PFI projects & now Labour want to put Mr Burnham back in charge of it.

Living in the past would be voting for Mr Burnham & Labour again, moving forward in a modern England with an accountable, open and transparent parliament would mean voting for the English Democrats.

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