Changing UK traffic signs to metric will be unlawful

Sent by an Activist

Dear Secretary of State for Transport

The proposed changes to the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) for 2015 that will permit wider use and primacy of metric measurement on British road signs, are unlawful. Metrication in Britain is contrary to English Constitutional and Common Law. It is treason. Attached are two Lawful Britain documents containing Counsels’ opinion which I urge you to read very carefully.


Though ostensibly to enhance road safety in Britain, the notion to include metric measurements on dimensioned road signs as a “courtesy and convenience” for foreign drivers is seriously ill conceived and simply not believed by the British public. If foreign drivers are able to understand British speed limits, then bridge and tunnel sizes cannot be astrophysics to them. Foreign drivers are, moreover, very much the minority on British roads. So the benefit of foreign measurements on British road signs is entirely lost on all but those minority foreign drivers, many of whom have little intention of returning thus feel no need to care. For them, mishaps and disregard have little consequence.


Instead, the majority British drivers will be faced, at driving speeds, with unintelligible road signs giving numbers they do not comprehend but have instantly to decide which figure they actually recognize and whether it relates to them. This critically distracts drivers’ attention when snap decision is essential especially for larger vehicles demanding greater reaction time.   It is hugely distracting, confusing and dangerous for drivers because it removes concentration from their driving and awareness of surrounding road activity in an increasingly congested traffic environment. When other road users include fleeing criminals, unfocused mobile phone users, I.C.E. manipulators, drunks, druggies, careless meanderers, myriad irresponsible behaviour and disinterest, non-English speaking foreigners who really shouldn’t be here and yet others who really don’t care anyway, drivers cannot afford the time to be distracted. Do you seriously believe that the new TSRGD proposals will not present problems for British road users ?


Much more importantly than even these driving and safety issues, use of non-British measurement on Britain’s road signs introduces gratuitous double standards, is contrary to law and is treason –   particularly when given precedence over customary British imperial measurement. Treason is anything done against the will or the interest of the British people and, significantly, against their safety and security in their own country. Imperial, as you well know, is the official measurement system in Britain authorised by Parliament. No amending Act has ever been introduced. There is therefore every reason to show ONLY imperial measurement on road signs for the immediate comprehension of British drivers for whom the signs are erected, else casualty figures, through confusion, will doubtless begin to rise.


The government proposal to progressively metricate dimensioned road signs “to assist foreign drivers” is a one-way courtesy not offered British drivers aboard. It thus heavily strengthens the widely held suspicion that it is none other than surreptitious furtherance of Britain’s metrication, a programme to remove British values and standards for foreign intent and political agenda by wilful parliamentary capitulation.


Britain can never become a metric nation. As the attached explain, the people absolutely reject it and Parliament cannot lawfully introduce it. English Constitutional and Common Law was put in place specifically to forever protect against governmental tyranny and despotism. It makes very clear that foreign influence is forbidden, which includes metrication. These laws are beyond Parliamentary reach to repeal, alter or replace. They are by design, in perpetuity.


You should importantly appreciate that since (then, prime minister) Edward Heath committed outright treason by initiating surrender of Britain’s sovereignty with his European Communities Act in 1972, no following British parliament, thus statute, has been legitimate or had effect in law. As treason has no legitimacy, the supremacy of English law and imperial measurement therefore remain as they were before the 1972 Act. Every road sign already bearing foreign dimension is thus illegal.


Any police constable has Her Majesty’s authority to arrest any government official whom he or she suspects of criminal act or intent –   which naturally includes the most grievous crime, treason. It is also important to note as the attached tell us, that increasing numbers of British people are reporting treason by government officials to the police who endorse the allegations as prima facie cases to answer.


There can be no acceptable logic in placing foreign measurements on British road signs. If there were, other countries would extend that courtesy to us as well.   It would be an insult to your own British people who, as surveys repeatedly show, flatly reject metrication.   Far better and safer (and much less confusing), surely, to have British road signs which bear only imperial measurement as our law intends and demands and the public understand. Isn’t it right, also, to expect that foreign drivers who come here understand English measure just as we are expected to understand European culture when on the Continent ?

Please note that I do not wish to receive recited departmental policy on the subject by return, as it bears little relationship with the reality and political intent perceived by the public on the street

The treason of Metrication in Britain

The absurdity of Metrication in Britain

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