Fatal blows to the Union were struck by Brit MPs during the last week of the Scottish Referendum campaign

South West England - English Democrats

No doubt the impending dissolution of the UK will be followed by numerous books and articles purporting to chart it just as we have had endless analyses about the origins of the First World War.

Peter Hain and Emma Reynolds

Two of the Labour MPs on their ‘Westminster Express’ junket

To my mind, the fatal blows to what is essentially the union of England with Scotland were struck during the last week of the Scottish Independence Referendum campaign when a bevy of largely Labour MPs travelled (at public expense, of course!) on the so called ‘Westminster Express’ to Glasgow to campaign for a ‘NO’ vote.  [ SEE: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/sep/11/westminster-express-scotland-labour-mps ] 

Jim Fox MPJohn Prescott=02

During this period, Gordon Brown, former prime minister, busied himself offering Parliamentary bribes to Scotland’s voters [naturally!] for which he had no authority. During this period, the three party leaders made their widely reported ‘Vow’ (again without Parliamentary authority) in their desperation to retain the…

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