Emily Thornberry, Labour’s former Shadow Attorney General, was accused on Thursday of ‘contempt for the working classes’ after she tweeted a picture of a white van parked outside a house which was draped in the St George’s Cross, alongside the caption “image from #Rochester”

Thornberry’s message and photo give a clear indication of how the Labour metropolitan elite view the English. What she is really saying is “Look at this, these are the type of disgusting, patriotic English working class people we have to deal with”.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “Labour’s current policies are anti-English. They do not support the creation of an English First Minister or English Parliament. They can’t even agree to support English Votes on English laws! They have failed to produce An English manifesto, they do not support making St Georges Day a Bank holiday – and now they sneer at the flying of the English flag, the Cross of St George!

If you replaced the word ‘England’ with ‘Scotland’ then they have either created it or supported it. What makes it even worse is that they are happy for Scottish MPs to vote on English issues whilst breaking England up into bogus Regions.

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