It’s not Fascism when the EU does it.

Fascist EU

Is this the last nail in Britain’s coffin as the fascists close the lid – and we have a boot stamping on our faces for evermore? Stalin would be so proud.

A disturbing evolution is about to take place.   Theresa May’s plans for legislation against all extremism. This will result in removal of many non politically correct films and shows like Spike Milligan, “Rising Damp” and “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum!”and other old time British favourites like “Fawlty Towers”, regarded as “Germanphobic” or racist. This is being done on orders from Brussels. Miliband has announced similar plans.

The first step was the demonisation of old time celebrities so that the public will welcome the end of these non-PC shows and films. This includes the arrest of so called “Paedophiles” (some of whom aren’t actually, but it draws attention to those the Establishment want to rid us of) and character assassination by the Media. This serves several purposes –

1) to deflect attention from the Rotherham rape gang scandals

2) to enable removal of all racially sensitive and politically incorrect material from TV, Radio and the Internet.

3) Theresa May’s anti-extremism plans will enable all speakers of truth to be arrested because as George Orwell said, “Truth is to be the new hate speech”

4) removal of those who tell the truth will usher in the proposed Eurabia under Sharia Law, arranged by stealth without the public’s knowledge

In a poll carried out within the under 35 groups, 78% said they approved of such a move.

This is now our reality, Ladies and Gentlemen, and the New Order.

It is called COMMUNISM.

The next step – actually already under way – is for children and relatives to report on their own families for any signs of disaffection. That last happened in Hitler’s Nazi Germany. The local councils are offering prizes for informers named “Community Champions”.

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