A separate parliament for England brings the threat of real democracy for Britain!

South West England - English Democrats


The UK continues to exist in no small measure because of the tolerance and forebearance of the English towards the rest of the UK; it can hardly be held to be by reason of Scottish equanimity and goodwill towards the English!

A result of English tolerance has been neutralisation of our much greater voting majority. This is to argue that British so called ‘representative democracy’ generally has disregarded the interests of England and her people.

The persistent fractiousness of Scots combined with deceit has enabled them to be vastly and disproportionately over-represented in Britain’s various corridors of power both in the public and private sectors. Discrimination against the English has been practised on an industrial scale which accounts for the disproportionate presence of Scots in positions of power and influence in England . . . unless it is argued that Scots are intrinsically superior to the English, the ‘pure Aryans’…

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