This is a matter of national importance. Of criminality and of law.
Surveys show that 90% of British people are angry at Britain’s metrication against their will. For
centuries, Britain led the world with well thought-out imperial measurements. Their convenient
size, simple whole numbers and instantly relatable measures however, are being energetically
derided by Europhiles as inapt when the world has itself refused to adopt the metrication political
agenda unless enforced by despotism.
We are being forced, illegally, to accept poorly conceived, inferior foreign standards to our
detriment. It is as consequential as being compelled to give up our English language. But it is part
of the planned destruction of our English society because it obstructs foreign rule and subjugation.
Told we must be metric in order to trade with Europe, we have successfully traded with the world
for centuries (and the world with us) using imperial measurement which many nations have
benefited from and still choose.
Britain’s metrication also has to do with the purposeful dumbing-down of society. Where for
centuries, man has successfully worked with nature’s multiples of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16, his
mental capacity is being intentionally degraded to a primitive aptitude with multiples only of 10.
As one head teacher put it, “It is a serious insult to our children and abuse of their thinking
capability to deliberately limit their mental agility by imposing such a restricting system of
measurement as metrication”(Daily Mail). Many parents, apparently, agree.
Does it not occur to you that Britain’s metrication was never offered for public consideration ? It is
imposed with a religious fervour by public servants presuming to be lord and master, conspiring in
an illegal agenda against their own people. Britain’s metrication is contrary to English Law. And it
is treason. Imperial weights and measures for all purposes protected by English Constitutional and
Common Law, have been expressly authorised by Parliament in Westminster. No amending Act
has ever been introduced. British industry refused to adopt metrication until threatened with
prosecution and imprisonment. Now, industry is forced to act illegally and oblige its British
customers to do so as well. The Metric Martyrs ( lost their court
battle to use imperial weights and measures solely because of treasonous governmental chicanery
and manipulation.
Britain will never be a “metric” nation
Despite the proclaimed importance and necessity for metrication, Britain is never likely to become a
metric nation. The people do not consent. Survey results show they reject metrication as “inferior,
restricting, inflexible, problematic, unfit for daily purpose and of limited utility”. Ask any person
on the street. They instinctively know their height, weight and approximate distance from home in
English imperial measurement. A vast majority of those taught metrication in school even, do not
know what those are in metric units and choose imperial measurement over metric anyway.
Our roads, distances and road signs will never become metric. The financial and political cost of
conversion is far too colossal for any government ever to consider risking its electoral reputation for
such an unpopular matter. The United States too, will never be metric for that reason and American
people reject metrication just as strongly. In Canada, metrication proved so unpopular that the
Government backed down and reinstated people’s freedom to choose imperial measurement.
Australian and other English speaking peoples also choose imperial despite governments’ claims
otherwise. Many “metric” nations use metric units in imperial quantities because only those suit
life’s needs. Metric units do not.
The argument that Britain must adopt international measurement standards is unfounded. There is
no international standard. Every metric nation uses a slightly different version while many of their
people use imperial instead. So while nations in their nationalism reject the international principle,
their populations for reason of practicality still choose imperial. The world-leading German optics
industry for example, pay lip-service to metrication as European law demands, but convert all their
calculations into imperial units for greater utility.
International law, moreover, demands that all aviation and sea going measurements be imperial.
The metre can never replace altitudes in feet as radio communication dictates the simple clarity of
whole round numbers while practical flying height above ground level cannot be divided into the
necessary range of safely separated altitudes, quadrantal cruise levels and flight levels when the
metre is much too cumbersome for such precision.
All air and sea distances are in nautical miles, yards, feet and inches and quantities are in ounces
and pounds weight, tons, pints, quarts and gallons. Note the generally single monosyllabic nature
of these. Aviation fuel is measured in pounds compatible with aircraft weight and balance
calculation and all aircraft instrumentation is in imperial as is air traffic control. Imperial units are
chosen universally for their practicality and application. The metric accounting system however, is
unsuitable as it is workable only 10s.
If the metric system offered the claimed improvement on traditional measurements, then it will have
been eagerly adopted across the world long ago. But it has not. The world’s people have
consistently rejected it. Why ? Because it offers only obstruction in people’s lives.
Problems with the metric system
An arbitrary construct arising from disquiet during the French Revolution, the metre was conceived
by the very people who tried to abolish the Christian calendar and even Christianity itself. In their
obsession to reduce every quantity to ten, they have never succeeded in decimalising time, angles or
the degrees in a circle. Space and the planet we inhabit have from time immemorial, been measured
in multiples of six squared. For its base 10 principle, metrication is a system of accounting not
measuring. Life’s dimensions unfortunately, do not obey the strict principle of measurement in 10s.
There is even doubt as to its suitability in science where many regard it a political expedience to
help progress bureaucratic meddling.
Metrication suffers intractable problems. Unlike imperial, it offers too few units each of ill
conceived, impractical size. This necessitates unnecessarily complex numbers often needing
decimal fractions whose decimal point is easily misplaced (catastrophic in medicine and science),
unseen or omitted altogether. Long number strings are in any case, off-putting and far from easy to
scale or mentally calculate. Unlike imperial, its units have no readily identifiable reference in the
world or relationship with man’s existence on Earth. This means their dimensions are unrelatable
unlike imperial’s instantly recognised parts of the human anatomy or commonplace articles for
immediate assessment, appreciation and ease of communication.
Whether one accepts the metre as being one ten-millionth part of the distance from the North Pole
to the Equator along the Paris Meridian at sea level (how did they ever measure that precisely ?), or
the length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum during a time interval of 1/299,792,458 of a
second, it is actually meaningless. Neither can be visualized much less bring any kind of
perception. The most recent incarnation of the metre as declared by the International Committee
for Weights and Measures is as a “unit of proper length” whose definition is restricted to “lengths ℓ
which are sufficiently short for the effects predicted by general relativity to be negligible with
respect to the uncertainties of realisation”. But still the metre cannot be readily identified. The
imperial foot can.
As standard divisions on scales and rulers, the inch is divided into 2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, 32 and 64 for
instant measurement and accuracy. The metre offers only 10ths (centimetres) and 100ths
(millimetres). Not just unduly wordy, but far less practical with life’s natural sizes. So for fine
measurement, you invariably end up with decimal fractions because the metric scale does not lend
itself to the task. Perhaps not surprisingly, some modern rulers and scales offer inches only in 10ths
on one edge and centimetres and millimetres on the other as if this choice satisfied every
measurement requirement. The two are entirely incompatible so one is left struggling with
imagined parts of either. This would seem an ill-considered political decision as the 32nd of an inch
is finer than the millimetre and would more practicably associate directly with the inches edge as a
complete system.
When using imperial, how sensible was it to base every measurement from several miles down to a
matter of inches, on the yard (3 feet) ? Did you assess weight as a decimal fraction of not quite two
and a quarter pounds or measure liquid in multiples of less than a quarter of a gallon ? How
practical was it to use (say) “0.762 yard” (30 inches, the standard door width) instead of simply
saying “2 foot 6” or even “2-6” ? A standard door is 2-6 by 6-6. When did you ever measure
empty space (oven size, car boot size) in gallons ? We used width, breadth and depth which
gainfully conveyed something to us, or maybe cubic measure. The metric procedure quantifies
volume by liquid equivalent – which conveys little and cannot be visualised. Just how big is a 20
litre oven ? And how often did you consider that your airliner was flying at the standardised flight
level of 10666.6 yards (32,000 feet) ? Why are imperial measurements the international choice ?
Because they are practical, appropriately sized and have considerable utility.
Metrication’s few measures are all impractical. A kilo of produce is far more than people want.
The English pound is well suited. There is no viable metric unit in use between centimetres and
metres. We usefully have inches, feet and yards, all interrelating but distinct for life’s ranges of
size. There is nothing between metres and kilometres. We benefit from yards, furlongs
traditionally in horse racing and fathoms at sea and very conveniently, standard simple quarters or
halves of a mile. And there is nothing between kilograms and tonnes. We have ounces, pounds,
stones, hundredweights and tons for every range of weight. All imperial units offer instant
application in simple whole numbers for any size or purpose. Metrication involves large and
anomalous complex numbers in few units often involving a decimal point easily misplaced or
unseen. It is not so simple or quick to work with. What is so telling however, is that many metric
sizes and quantities throughout the world are in complex part units that approximate to the imperial
sizes. So the imperial measures were right all along then – and they use simple whole numbers.
Another frequent decimalisation problem is that it cannot use imperial’s simple whole round
numbers. Has it ever occurred to you that the imperial system was conceived to provide a measure
size suited to every quantifying need that allows simple whole round numbers for instant
comparison, mental calculation and communication. You cannot do these things with metric units.
Yet only metrication is taught in schools, denying young people the practicality of imperial
measurement. Not only is teaching metrication in place of imperial unlawful because it is contrary
to English law, but it is actively messing-up our children with illegality and cultural denial while
ensuring poorer mental agility.
Unbelievably, we now find the “apolitical” BBC and other TV companies and producers employing
their unthinkable political influence to sponsor and impose metrication upon unsuspecting viewers
by public broadcast and websites. Not only that, but they presume to instruct independent TV
producers in this illegal activity and the general public as to the metric measures they must
customarily use. As the British people reject metrication, this is outright treason. Yet such is the
BBC’s understanding of British measurement that we are told the imperial yard (36 inches) is
greater than the metre (393/8 inches).
From wherever around the world they report, TV companies insist on giving every measurement in
metric units presumably to emphasise the “foreignness” of the location completely ignoring that
British people do not understand, indeed refuse to understand, these foreign terms glibly foist upon
them. It is not beyond the wit of man to realise that British viewers want imperial units they
understand and that to convert metric to imperial for their comprehension is all part of the service
they pay for. Many viewers, apparently, simply turn it off as all trust and confidence in the
companies is thereafter lost.
We also find that TV companies ridiculously believe it shrewd to use miles for large distances in
Britain but metres for everything else. First, two entirely incompatible systems cannot work
together. There is no correlation or continuity. Assessing metric measurements with miles
becomes impossible. Second, it demonstrates a gratuitous determination to pursue the metric
political campaign irrespective of sense or logic, with no thought for the confusion and hostility it
causes, the obscuring of information offered and loss of public trust. Companies moreover,
advertise themselves as serial law breakers.
Lawyers these days are not trained or versed in English Constitutional and Common Law. Thus
few comprehend that these laws remain in force as written or that crimes against them are being
continually committed. Such crime therefore goes unrecognised, unheeded and is consequently
“acceptable”. This is why society is so insensible and lawless and it is why foreign (European) law
is so casually imported and allowed to prevail in Britain’s judicial system.
Treason is an important part of English laws. It is why many were written in the first place. These
English laws, importantly, are immutable and in perpetuity. They cannot be altered, repealed or
disregarded by Government and they were specifically written with that aim in mind so to forever
protect British people from despotic governance. Treason is betrayal or breach of faith against the
will or the interests of the person or the nation. In speech, intent or action, it is disloyalty or to
violate one’s allegiance or obligation to another, to one’s own people and thus to one’s country in
support of any other principle, state, power or authority. It carries very serious penalties.
To use or represent the metric system in Britain as the accepted legal standard British units of
measurement is to undermine and mislead the British public mind. Most commonly found in
government services and British TV broadcasting, its use is to influence the nation into believing
that Britain has accepted and adopted this alien system of measurement when in fact, the people
flatly reject it. To undermine or mislead the British nation against its will is a serious offence. It is
Imperial weights and measures for all purposes are protected by English Constitutional and
Common Law. They have been expressly authorised in law by the British Parliament in
Westminster. No amending Act has ever been introduced. No law, ruling or edict exists that
requires Britain’s metrication. No White or Green Paper, political party manifesto, Queen’s speech,
parliamentary legislative programme or popular mandate has ever suggested that Britain should or
would adopt the metric system. The imperial scales therefore remain the lawful standard British
measurement system in official and exclusive use in this country, required and protected by law.
BY LAW. Nothing else is legal or permitted.
The government inspired mantra “The UK took the decision to adopt the metric system in 1965” has
been clearly exposed as the deliberate lie that it is. It was contrived for political purpose and is
widely known as “the Myth of 1965”. The UK has never “decided” to adopt metrication. The
public have never been consulted. Their agreement or consent has never been sought, let alone
given and metrication has never been debated in Parliament. The myth arises solely from the
personal hope of two 1960’s pro-Europe civil servants and Harold Wilson’s failed sop to the French
who refused UK admission to the EEC anyway. These do not justify or authorise Britain’s
metrication against people’s will.
Britain is not and has never been part of the European Union. Metrication therefore has no claimed
When he signed the European Communities Act in 1972, Prime Minister Edward Heath knowingly
and wilfully tricked, deceived and betrayed the British people into foreign rule by the EEC/EU.
His was the most calculating and grievous treason in British history. He gave away his country.
Upon signing, his treasonous act instantly removed him from lawful office and it failed to become
legally binding because treason has no legitimacy and cannot do that. His then treasonous
government immediately became an unlawful assembly since a treasonous government is not lawful
and has no legitimacy.
No parliament can bind a successor. But no following parliament has ever reversed Heath’s
treachery. Instead, every following prime minister and parliament has consciously and deliberately
lied to reinforce Heath’s outrageous pretence that Britain had knowingly and willingly consented to
foreign rule. As public servants, neither he nor they ever had such authority and their actions are
treasonous for conspiring against the nation’s known interests, intention to surrender its
sovereignty, using wilful deception to deliberately betray the nation and for acting in the political
interests of a foreign power. It is effectively to declare war on the British Crown and the nation –
treason in its own right.
Every parliament since Heath’s therefore, is and has been an unlawful assembly. With no
legitimacy and in knowingly committing the most evil act of treason against their own people, each
has invited and imposed foreign rule over their own country. Since 1972, not one has acted within
the law. Having solemnly sworn lifetime oaths of loyalty and allegiance to Britain, each has
conspired in this treason and they persist in deceitfully concealing the truth of their illicit activities
from the public as it has always been known that the British people would object most violently
were they ever to find out. But they are finding out. Parliaments’ treason is a matter of public
record with an overwhelming amount of Foreign and Commonwealth Office documentary evidence
released to the public domain. Over 600 pages of it on the CD “Shoehorned into the EU” are also
to appear here The evidence is further verified in
Hansard as a full and complete record of politicians’ statements.
No law or other binding obligation can result from treason or intent by an unlawful assembly.
English law and the supremacy of the imperial system of measurement therefore, remain as they
were prior to signing of the 1972 Act. That means that just as before 1972, metric measurements
have no place in Britain whatsoever. It also means that Britain is not and has never been part of the
European Union as every Act and EU Treaty since 1972 whether or not given the Royal Assent is
treasonous, illegal, null and void. So too, is any attempted standard use of the metric scales in
Britain, even as metric equivalents to imperial quantities.
The European Union has no lawful influence in Britain whatsoever. Neither does its Napoleonic
European Law. Their authority exist only in the minds of certain politicians of whose actions the
public are already very well aware. In any case, the outright supremacy of English law
automatically intercedes and strikes down any attempt to repeal, subvert, overrule or replace it. The
pretence of European influence and of metrication is pure theatre and make-believe designed at the
highest levels of Westminster to deceive and subjugate Britain to foreign rule against the people’s
will for others’ political purpose, contrary to law. It is WILFUL TREASON.
A succession of unlawful British parliaments therefore, having no legitimacy, illegally and
without mandate, wilfully import and impose upon their own people, foreign rule and
influence that have no force of law in Britain.
This includes such unlawful documents as the Weights and Measures Act 1985, the Metric
Regulations 1994 and all EEC/EU Regulations and Directives, all of which are null and void so far
as Britain is concerned. Not one has the force of law as each was brought by an unlawful assembly
of government ministers having no legitimacy (thus could not enact legislation) in the clear
parliamentary knowledge that it was treasonable contrary to English Constitutional and Common
Law. While the Weights and Measures Act 1985 was relied upon as the authority in the metric
martyrs case and others, such legislation while held to be rightful at the time, never had legitimacy
or force of law. And as Chief Justice Beresford of the Common Pleas ruled, “There is no such
thing as a bad law for if it is bad it is not law”.
Metrication in Britain then, is based solely upon the deliberately contrived lie that “The UK took the
decision to adopt the metric system in 1965” when in fact the people knew nothing about it, would
never have consented and have been knowingly and purposely deceived and betrayed by those paid
to serve them. For the avoidance of any doubt, all of the above is historical fact. It is evidenced in
public documentary record and is acknowledged by the Attorney General, the Lord Chancellor, the
Lord Chief Justice and others.
Britain’s metrication is directly contrary to among others, the Treason Act 1351, the Act of
Supremacy 1559, the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1689 and the Treason Felony Act 1848. These
laws are far beyond the reach of Parliament to amend, repeal or to disregard and just because
modern day lawyers are not trained in these laws does not mean they do not exist or that serious
offences against them are not committed. Under the Act of Settlement 1700 S4, these major
Constitutional and Common Laws are the birthright of the people. Supremacy of imperial
measurement in Britain, protected and required by these laws, is thus the birthright of the people
and cannot be removed. Acknowledged in law for all purposes by Parliament, no amending Act has
every been introduced. Only imperial measurement may be used in Britain.
Realising the truth
Not only is Britain’s metrication entirely contrary to law, but the people clearly refuse to accept it.
It serves no gainful purpose and is far from any improvement over imperial. It is a political intent
criminally and enthusiastically imposed by uncompromising Europhiles not seeing that the true
purpose of this Frankfurt School subversion technique is to remove yet another part their own
culture for ulterior motive not in our interests – the collective consequences of which their own
families will have to live with. They ardently pursue its adoption and are quick to put down anyone
who disagrees. Thus they wantonly encourage the commission of treason against the British nation
– their own children’s diminishing inheritance.
If metrication had offered the advantages claimed, then it will have been readily adopted around the
world without need for such tyrannical imposition and constant attempts to convince of its benefits.
But hundreds of millions of the world’s people cannot all be wrong in its rejection.
Born of the 18th Century French notion that everything on Earth should unworkably conform to
units of 10, it ignores nature’s laws of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16. Is the structure of crystals
decimal ? Is the structure of snowflakes decimal ? Imperial measurements were conceived
specifically to relate directly with nature and man’s existence on Earth using practical everyday
measures of relatable dimension in instantly scalable simple whole numbers. Metrication’s 10s can
do none of those things. Even worse than its few impractical units, its greatest downfall perhaps, is
its decimal point so catastrophic if lost, left out or disastrously misplaced.
With no physical reference, metric measures convey nothing relatable and are imaginary. Yet
ridiculed by metriphiles as “clumsy and old fashioned” imperial measurement has single-handedly
enabled man’s every refinement, industry, scientific progress, micro electronics, internet
technology, medical advancement and manned exploration of space. It brings considerable
advantage over metrication’s poorly conceived inadequacies.
Why then, should we ever need the nonsense of an inferior measurement system that conspicuously
offers less utility ? Rather than for Britain’s advancement, metrication is to help accomplish a dark
political agenda – Britain’s subjugation and destruction of her English sophistication and culture.
To reduce everybody to one primitive level.
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