Don’t let Salford, or any other area, become another Rotherham.

Gani Martins, Interim strategic director for children’s services in Salford, was previously Director of Safeguarding and Corporate Parenting at Rotherham Council between 2010-11

As director of safeguarding at Rotherham, she was responsible for making sure social workers were doing their jobs properly, this she obviously failed to do.

Protecting children and combating child poverty in all areas not just in Labour controlled councils is a priority for the English Democrats.

Child Poverty by Constituencies and their respective council control

1. Manchester Central (47% of children in poverty) – Labour
2. Birmingham, Ladywood (42%) -Tory Mayor with Labour Council
3. Bethnal Green and Bow (42%) – Islamic Mayor and Cabinet
4. Liverpool, Riverside (42%) – Labour
5. Poplar and Limehouse (41%) – Islamic Mayor and Cabinet
6. Middlesbrough (40%) – Ind Mayor with Labour Council
7. Blackley and Broughton (38%) – Labour
8. Newcastle upon Tyne Central (38%) – Labour
9. Leeds Central (38%) – Labour
10. Liverpool, Walton (37%) – Labour
11. Hackney South and Shoreditch (37%) – Labour
12. Manchester, Gorton (37%) – Labour
13. Birmingham, Hodge Hill (37%) – Tory Mayor with Labour Council
14. Islington South and Finsbury (37%) – Labour
15. Nottingham North (37%) – Labour
16. Edmonton (37%) – Labour
17. Birkenhead (36%) – Labour

The child poverty average rate in Salford is 29%, Labour constituencies of Salford and Eccles (31%), Worsley and Eccles (27%) and Blackley & Broughton which covers a couple of Salford wards (38%) shows Labours failures in Salford

Labour failed, 13 years of a wicked and malicious Labour party which allowed uncontrolled immigration, allowed uncontrolled spending which we couldn’t afford, whilst increasing taxes stored up a massive time bomb for our country.

Under Lib Cons things are just the same, there is no difference between LibLabCon where England is concerned.

At the British Governments negotiating table Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland all have First Ministers to fight for their respective nations funding, England is not at the table, having No First Minister and there for No Voice, England is neglected by the British Government.

Labour, Lib Dems, Tory’s, UKiP and Greens do not want England to have a voice at the table, they do not want England to be treated as equals within the UK and none of them have a manifesto for England setting out how they will address our nations issues.

Only the English Democrats have a manifesto for England, setting out how we will address our nation’s issues.

We the English Democrats now campaign for English Independence from British Government rule, so that England’s wealth can be used for the welfare of its people, to address child poverty in our country and rebuild the social and community values we were built on.

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