Shackles of Mania

This was sent to me be a concerned patriot.

Full Veil cover

Is this not insane?

Over the years it has been a constant battle to seek the truth. One can safely say that 96% of the time one has been right, especially in respect of Islam.
It is evil and imperialist, now the greatest threat to every living human on Earth. I for one greatly fear being “assimilated” or dominated by it. In short I will never accept its writ and demands, especially as I know that its origins and antecedents are fake and that “MHMD” never existed, despite what his psychotic followers wish.
I ask in all seriousness, “Is Islam a psychosis- a psychiatric illness?” There is a phenomenon in the discipline of psychology called Mass-psychogenic-illness – a type of mass hysteria. Indeed, one suspects this may be the very reason for their compulsive obsessive behaviour, that portrays all the symptoms usually associated with a class of psychiatric disorder, often to be seen in patients manifested with acute paranoia allied to excessive fixations about themselves as somehow “superior” to their fellows whom they regard as a direct threat or to be submitted to the will of the deluded.
I spoke to close friend on mine, who was not only a Doctor studying birth abnormalities and problems related to consanguinity of relationships forbidden by laws in the West but openly practised for thousands of years in the Near East, even among Egyptian Royal Houses. He spent years in the region treating these unfortunate conditions that are “taboo” in our politically correct times especially in Islam. All societies and cultures are far from “equal”.
Apart from birth defects, auto-immune deficiencies, there is the occurrence of lowered IQ potential, personality and character disorders, genetic defects and even arrested development but most interesting of all, a higher than average occurrence of double X Chromosome carriers that produce men of exceptional violent character, that we medically term psychopathic or sociopathic, wherein the subject behaves outside the normal moral expectations of society, with little if any regard for others.
It is not my concern if this “offends”, nor is it my intent but it is vital that we fully appreciate what may lay behind the appalling butchery and contempt for life seen across the Moslem world today. This is an important area of study and should be pursued.

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