The English Democrats welcome the soon to be published Report of the IPPR.
The research results were used by BBC News last night, in Mark Easton’s article, showing that now 54% of the English want an English Parliament. Mark commented that the English Democrats seem to have “struck a chord”. (See >>>
Article starts at 21.05)

We are reliably informed the full IPPR report, to be published early in September, will show a significant surge in English support for:  English Independence; an English Parliament; answering the English Question; ending the Barnett Formula.

The English Democrats call for an immediate end to the Barnett Formula.   The Barnett Formula is the extra subsidy for Scotland which gives the average Scottish family over £10,000 a year more Government spending than the average English family.   We demand that, throughout the remainder of the existence of the United Kingdom, our money is allocated solely according to Need. This will give a significant boost to spending on English needs.

The English Democrats also call for the Scots to vote ‘Yes’ on the 18th September to lead to an end of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. This will help to bring closer English Independence and the dissolution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Since the end of the era of great power politics, the UK has been a persistent drag on the English Nation.  The United Kingdom State is expensive, incompetently authoritarian and vain-gloriously addicted to its great power status. It is draining the wealth of England with its vanity projects and its international interventionalism. It systematically fails to focus on the best interests of the English Nation.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said:-  “I welcome BBC’s advance reporting of the Institute for Public Policy Research’s findings that there has been a significant continuing increase in English Nationalism. England is increasingly responding to our calls for English Home Rule.  We have also long called for the end of the discriminatory Barnett Formula.  English taxpayers’ money should only be used fairly for the needs of our People.”

Robin also said :- “The IPPR is a Labour supporting think tank and the money for this research has been supported by the European Union, so this encouraging evidence is not from our friends and supporters but from English Nationalism’s opponents.  For our opponents to be acknowledging that our Cause is making headway is particularly gratifying.”

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