English Nationalists have obtained the results of a Freedom of Information Act request which shows astonishing negligence and incompetence by the British Government.

Here are the key quotations:-

“the UK Government… is not planning or preparing for potential Scottish independence.”

“the UK Government has said that there can be no ‘pre-negotiations’ on what the terms of independence might be before the referendum takes place.”

“Unless people in Scotland decide that they no longer want to be part of the United Kingdom, the UK Government will not take any action that requires it to exclude Scotland and act only in the interests of England, Wales and Northern Ireland”.

The UK Government has, of course, no mandate to represent England, nor has it sought any Legal Advice on the internal constitutional implications for Scottish Independence. The only Legal Advice that it has sought relates solely and is expressly limited to the International Law ramifications. It is a basic legal and constitutional point that if the United Kingdom of Great Britain is dissolved by the repeal of the Act of Union of 1707, the resultant revived “Kingdom of England” will not automatically be in union with Northern Ireland.

E + S = GB therefore GB – S = E

Where E = “Kingdom of England”
S = “Kingdom of Scotland”
GB = “United Kingdom of Great Britain”

Robin Tilbrook said:- “ The British Government’s attitude is astonishingly complacent and negligent in failing to make any effort to plan or to prepare for potential Scottish Independence at a time when many non-partisan commentators are acknowledging that the result of the Scottish Referendum is “too close to call”.

“Not only has the British Government failed to make such obviously necessary preparations, but it has also expressly ruled out any pre-negotiations on the terms of independence before the matter is placed in a referendum before the Scottish people. Any Government that had a real commitment to genuine democracy would have made sure that the terms on offer were clear before a Referendum proceeded.”

“The British Government also talks about it acting afterwards in the interests of “England, Wales and Northern Ireland” in the event of a “Yes” vote for Scottish independence, but in fact it will have no mandate to do so. ”

“In the event of a Yes vote for Scottish Independence the English Democrats call for the interests of England to be represented by an English-only negotiating team and similarly for Wales and Northern Ireland to be so represented by their own negotiating teams and not by the ci-devant British Government!”

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