ENGLAND says YES to Scottish Independence!

The 30th May sees the start of the Scottish Referendum in earnest.

The English Democrats, England’s only National Party, supports the Yes campaign for Scotland to vote for Independence.

Constitutionally – A Yes vote will lead to the dissolution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain this will therefore lead to Independence for England.  Good news for English Nationalists!

EU – Both Scotland and England will be New or “Successor” states in International Law and so, as Senor Barroso recently confirmed, they will both be automatically outside the EU – Good news for Eurosceptics!

Barnett Formula – The House of Lords reported in 2009 that the subsidy from English Taxpayers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland was £49 billion per year.  This will cease with the Dissolution of the UK.  Good news for English Taxpayers!

UK Debt –  The British Government is one of the most profligate and spendthrift institutions on earth and has run up debts of well over £1 trillion and is still increasing even that stupendous figure by over £100 billion a year in “deficit”.  This £1 billion per week (52 billion a year) is now bleeding England white.  Dissolution of the UK means that financially our New Nation States will not be required to take on the British Government’s debts.  Good news for our grandchildren!

UN Security Council – The Dissolution of the UK will mean that our New Nation States will not automatically have the British position on the UN Security Council and so our politicians won’t be so easily diverted from doing their duty to look after the interests of our Nation and People by the glittering prospects of strutting about “punching above our weight on the world stage” – which has cost us over £29 billion in the failures of Iran and Afghanistan.  Good news for all who long for us to mind our own business and to look after England’s interests!

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:-  “Scottish Independence offers a terrific opportunity not only for Scotland but also for England to restore good sense and good order for our Nation and to wipe away the terrible effects of years of British Government incompetence, irresponsibility and profligacy!”

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats,


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