Neither Sovereign, Parliament, Government, nor people may destroy our Constitution.  And it is in perpetuity.

I hope none of those in the three major political parties bother to put themselves forward to sit in the House of Commons again, for I hope that those who actually want out of the European Union forever, want to Govern this Country the only way it should be GOVERNED and that is by and through our very own Common Law Constitution.  A Constitution that two World Wars were fought for to keep, with many giving their lives for our freedom to be governed by today and always.  Many innocent women and children, even babies were killed in that last War through the bombing of our Country as were many of the cities on the Continent too.

We must use the coming General Election in 2015 as the REFERENDUM we have been denied. ALL THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES WANT TO REMAIN IN THE EU-FOREVER. There is absolutely no point in voting for any of them. We must vote only for those that want out of the EU  –  completely.  For our country and our own freedom must come before ANY sense of allegiance to a political party that determines to remain in the EU.  For years we have been voting for THOSE THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES want to remain under foreign rule in the European Union.

We have now been “promised” a REFERENDUM in 2017 if the Conservatives “GET IN” in the 2015 General Election.

But a proposed “in” or “out” Referendum brings its own “problems”.  We come back to our Solemn Oaths of Allegiance and to vote YES to remain in such an organization as the European Union has turned into will b e national suicide.  This, especially regarding the treacherous proposed EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) where the EU speaks for ALL the Country’s in it to the USA.

Which Countries will they be speaking to on our behalf next?  The TTIP is not just about FOOD TRADE as we are told, but TRADE in ALL matters.  ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can think of and it’ll be for all time.  Do you seriously want that ?

It is no wonder there are so many EU Restricted Documents.  What on earth will be the point of having a British Government when they cannot speak for themselves let alone us, their employers ?  All that would be a violation of the Solemn Oath that ALL OF THOSE WE HAVE FOOLISHLY ELECTED IN THE PAST HAVE MADE BEFORE THEY MAY TAKE UP THEIR SEATS IN PARLIAMENT.

Even if never said out loud, if born here in the United Kingdom, those oaths are as though we had said them for we are protected by the Crown from that moment.   Violation of that Oath is of course, the very essence of treason. 

Many people have tried to bring charges of Treason in our various Courts of Law  –  as have I.  Some have paid thousands of pounds in bringing those charges.  They have done their duty according to their solemn Oath of Allegiance, yet none have been successful  –  YET. 

No EEC/EC/EU Treaty should have ever been considered “ratified” as in law they have not been.  Our existing English law immediately intercedes and strikes down any attempt to repeal, amend or replace it.  Those who signed the Treaties were acting TREASONOUSLY under their own Oaths of Allegiance to the wearer of the British Crown. 

Anne Palmer.  1.5.2014.

Retired JP.

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