Irlam & Cadishead Labour Councillors Settle Out of Court Libel Case.


Mr Berg assisted the English Democrats in our Salford Mayoral Referendum campaign and subsequent election campaign,however after the Mayoral referendum in Salford 6 Labour Councillors Jones, Kean, Kelly, Hudson, Hunt and Walsh wrote a letter which was published in the Salford Advertiser (nicknamed the Hazel Blears weekly). In this letter they made defamatory remarks about Geoffrey Berg.

Mr Berg subsequently took the 6 Councillors to court, now after agreeing to settle out of court the Councillors have been made to pay up, and submit to the Salford Advertiser a letter or advert with details of the mistake they made.

Within a statement approved by the High Court Councillors Jones, Kean, Kelly, Hudson, Hunt and Walsh wrote “we accept we mistakenly stated

This case cost around £30,000 in lawyers’ fees for representing those Councillors. Who do you think paid for their mistake? You, via Salford Council insurance policy residents pay the premiums for – the premiums may increase as a result!

Was that legal? No — as their letter put a political view, including attacking your decision to vote for an elected Mayor (to whom Councillor Roger Jones is a paid assistant Mayor!).

Geoffrey Berg also got his disbursements (£1,250– he conducted the case in person, unlike the Councillors) paid and £6,750 for a charity of his choice. This was ‘Independent Age’, a charity for the elderly.

Geoffrey Berg asked the lawyer for the six Councillors to help arrange it so the charity, Independent Age, could get tax relief (via Gift Aid etc). The Irlam and Cadishead Labour Councillors refused to help the charity for the elderly get thousands of pounds at no extra cost to themselves.

The main difficulty was caused by the money being paid directly via Salford Council (funded by you).

So much for Salford Labour’s self proclaimed concern for the elderly!



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