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The continuing attempt of the heavenly Westminster trio to understand the North of England and its needs is looking more and more like a train crash in progress.

In this issue of our newsletter we have articles on:HSR-F (High Speed Rail Freight) not HS2!(a real plan to connect the North);Key Issues from Kevin Riddiough the EU Candidate in the North East; a survey on the needs of the northern economy.


Having a high speed passenger train will have no benefits to our manufacturing industries, what England requires is a high speed freight transport system which will help move products quickly and cheaply across our nation, to Europe and the global markets by linking our manufacturing centres to either our ports or freight air terminals.

There is the potential for HSR-F to become a hybrid operation in 2 potential forms if built :-

1) HSR-F PRIVATE RAIL-FREIGHT INDUSTRY exclusively operated on track adjoining National Rail’s existing Midland Main Line operations. By agreement between the parties HSR-F would use 2 tracks in return for upgrading route (including electrification).

2) More radical joint public/private dual operation (2 tracks for passenger trains and 2 tracks for freight trains) This would be a Higher Speed Route instead of a High Speed route. This means larger capacity both for passengers and for freight allowing both passengers and freight to reach Europe direct from Northern England.

Key Points of Our Plan
1)The project is tax payer neutral- just reallocation of assets into rail.
2)Long haul heavy goods would get taken off our Motorway networks;
3)Foreign trucks would have to go on the rail system rather than undercut our truckers with lower fuel costs;
4) There would be huge environmental impact with trucks taken off the motorways.
5)Road space will be released thus easing congestion in our towns and cities;
6)Disused lines can be re-opened so that car users can be persuaded to adopt alternate forms of transport.

The English Democrats look to give our manufacturing industries the best opportunities in the global market by creating a first class freight network, whilst at the same time re-establishing those local rails links for manufacturers to tap into a wider workforce.
Stephen Morris English Democrat Lead Candidate North West –

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Citizen Steve sings English Democrats EU 2014 Campaign Song

“England the Land of St George”

St George cover song

written and performed by Citizen Steve

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Is HS2 the Way to Regenerate the North Or is it the “HS2 Drain”?

The government continues to say that the reason for HS2 is to regenerate the North. They never mention EU policy to have a EU-wide network of high speed trains across the EU. Their failure to “fess up” to this elephant in the room is as remarkable as the fact that no one else mentions it. No to HS2

One predictable “unexpected consequence” is that business, jobs, people, wealth and the future of the North will all drain down the “pipe” of the HS2 and then, eventually, after a brief stop in the South, out to the rest of the EU.

The fact is that at the present time the economy in the North is neither strong enough nor robust enough to resist this magnet of London and the South East, let alone overcome it and turn the attraction upside down so that the wealth starts flowing in the opposite direction. Generating this countervailing attraction must be the number one economic priority of the Westminster elite – not engaging in vanity projects to please their EU masters. If you would like to have your voice heard you can take part in the survey by clicking on the image.

Charles Vickers – Eu election party list candidate for Eastern England.

Yours sincerely
Robin Tilbrook
Chairman, English Democrats

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