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In this issue of our newsletter we have articles on: English Independence with a survey, Jenny Knight the London Lead candidate in the EU Elections 2014 (22 May 2014) and the launch of the English Democrats Campaign Song “England the Land of St George”.

English Independence-Why It Matters!

The Independence campaign has moved on and up, now that one of the leading English intellectuals, Prof Roger Scruton, has come out for English Independence.

Here is a summary of what he said:

In all the complex changes leading to the Scottish bid for independence the English have never been consulted. If we were Czech or Slovaks we would both get a chance to decide about the split.
What is so different about Scotland that it decides everything for itself?

The Union of England and Scotland was formerly declared in the Act of Union in 1707. It was actually impossible for the two countries with so much in common to exist independently.

Neither people could have survived the wars of the 20th Century had they not fought side by side and with total commitment to the Union. As a result of those wars however, the Empire was lost and an entirely new political landscape emerged from beneath the smoke.

To compound things further the Governments of Blair and Brown seriously undermined the English sense of identity. At the same time through the creation of a Scottish Parliament they gave a new identity to the Scots.

Elections to the Scottish Parliament showed that the Scots had shifted their allegiance from Labour to the SNP, but they still want the English to be governed by the Labour Party. Hence they vote to place Labour politicians, who they don’t particularly want at home, in Westminster.

The English, who have voted Conservative more often than Labour in all post-war elections have to accept a block vote of Labour Members of Parliament sent to Westminster by the Scots.

Should we not vote for our independence given that we risk being governed from a country that already regulates its own affairs and has no clear commitment to ours?

Click here to listen to the podcast (10 mins.)

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A Message From the English Democrats EU Candidate in London Jenny Knight

I am standing for the English Democrats in London because as the only party that represents England our objective is simply to put England and England’s needs first.

The referendum in Scotland and the constitutional questions that result from this debate have important consequences for all living in England but particularly London. We need to have an independent England and we need to have an In/Out Referendum on Europe.

We need to stand up for what made England Great.

If elected I would use my position within Europe to promote and education service that can cater for all ranges of abilities. We need to invest in technical colleges for vocational studies that lead to apprenticeships and ensures that local business has access to highly trained local workers.

In London the NHS is heavily overstretched. I will help stop the arbitrary closing of local hospitals.

I would campaign to develop policies at the highest level to tackle youth unemployment.

I would also support policies that stop the selling off of England’s assets to foreign companies with no interest in the people of England and their success.

If you want to hear more about how I would change things for the better for the people of London read my blog or visit me on Facebook!

email: JennyKnight@engdem.org


Blog: http://EnglishDemocratsLondonCampaign.wordpress.com/Jenny4London

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jenny.Knight.EnglishDemocrats

Citizen Steve sings English Democrats EU 2014 Campaign Song

“England the Land of St George”

written and performed by Citizen Steve

click here to play the video.


Yours sincerely
Robin Tilbrook
Chairman, English Democrats


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