Nationalism Protects Diversity

Beware of what Multiculturalism claims to be, and what it is in reality: Beware of its true nature in the real world. 

Supporters of Multiculturalism often speak of it as if it was an ideology whose main purpose was to give support to migrants and to encourage “cultural diversity”, when – as they should know – that is not what Multiculturalism is actually about.
Multiculturalism is, in fact, a political ideology that is anti-Western in nature; an ideology that engenders hate and seeks the cultural destruction of its host nation. Its long-term aim is not to protect migrants, but to destroy the host nation’s culture.

To illustrate the difference, Japan has a core-culture society whereby the mainstream culture is protected and nurtured by its government. There are Japanese holidays based upon their culture, and their culture is taught and reflected in government schools.
The British Government, on the other hand, is ruled by anti-national elite who espouse and enforce Multiculturalists values, contrary to the values of the core-culture population. English holidays and cultural events are being undermined by Lib Dem, Labour, Tory and UKiP politicians and their Multiculturalists fellow-travellers. Christmas is banned from many public institutions for “not being culturally inclusive”, whilst many schools and nurseries have banned Santa Claus and Christmas Carols for the same reason.
It is obvious that our culture is being undermined by Multiculturalism – our children are not being taught our society’s traditions by those educational and public institutions which were once a major part of the cultural learning of our young people.
Western national traditions and cultures are being destroyed by Multiculturalism, whilst those of Asian nations – like Japan – are instead sustained and protected. If our children went to school in Japan, they would be taught Japanese culture (of course), whilst in England the Multiculturalists scream that “No, teaching English cultural traditions may offend others” so English culture is removed, and our culture is being slowly destroyed. Guess which way is best?

Multiculturalism is a hate-filled political ideology that seeks the destruction of White communities worldwide by large-scale immigration. Multiculturalism advocates developing a world where everyone of every nation mixes in together, eventually to become all one world-wide people – and therefore becoming of one world-wide culture. Long-term Multiculturalism doesn’t advocate cultural diversity; instead, it advocates no cultural diversity at all!
Not everyone has stopped to consider the long-term effects of Multiculturalism upon our world, which means not only the destruction of Western cultures, but also the disappearance of unique peoples, such as the Australian Aborigines, American Indians, Fijians, etc. – Multiculturalism actually advocates the world-wide destruction of all unique peoples and of all unique cultures; it is truly the most genocidal ideology of our time. The Aborigines complain about the assimilation of their people and culture as being genocide, but the Multiculturalists can say to them “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Protectionism versus Assimilation

Some Multiculturalists deviously like to infer that English nationalists are anti-migrant, but they are quite wrong, and indeed such an inference is most likely designed as a deliberate slander against patriots, as a political smear tactic.
Nationalists welcome our European migrant friends who have travelled here to become part of the English nation. Nonetheless, we do – of course – realise that our locally-born children are our nation’s best bet for the sustainability of our English culture and way of life. For example, if we were to import 20 million Swedes, nice people though they may be, that would put our unique national identity at risk. Immigration is a strong drink, best served in moderation.

Our European migrants have been betrayed by successive  Lib Dem, Labour and Tory politicians. The British government entered into an implicit social contract with our migrants from Europe: that they were migrating to a predominantly white community, with a culture and a people that were compatible with their own.
Those European migrants were not told that the Lib Dem’s, Labour and Tory’s intended to abandon traditional English, and assimilate our nation into Asia and the Third World. Many European migrants, who now consider England as home, are immensely unhappy with their betrayal by Lib Dem’s, Labour, and Tory politicians.

Aboriginal leaders have stated that “Assimilation is genocide”, and – of course – they are right; assimilation means the eventual disappearance of their people. And the same applies to our people as well: Assimilation with Asia and the Third World means the genocide of the English people, and the same applies to nations of European ethnicity worldwide.
It’s a lot easier to commit genocide by immigration and assimilation, rather than by bullets and bombs, and it’s a lot less controversial. Both can be equally effective in ensuring the extinction of a people. Asianisation will lead to the genocide of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish peoples. Why are Multiculturalists so full of hatred and loathing for the very existence of diverse peoples and cultures? Each people, each nation, has a right to exist.

Our people are at a crossroads in history: are we to be English, European or Asian? If we wish to protect England, then we should base our immigration policies upon those of the Japanese, who seem determined to preserve and protect their way of life.
Instead of being Assimilationists, it is far better for the English to become Protectionists, to protect our nation culturally, demographically, and economically.

Multiculturalism is an extremist ideology

We should recognise that Multiculturalism is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Whilst appearing to simply advocate the supposed benefits of “cultural diversity”, Multiculturalism is actually an anti-Western political ideology that seeks the genocide of white communities across the globe. Multiculturalism means “suicide by immigration” for Western societies.
Multiculturalism is not about policies encouraging different ethnic groups to live together (which is actually termed cultural pluralism). Multiculturalism is actually a political ideology, originally imported from America. It is the view of Multiculturalism that all ethnic groups should merge together, eventually becoming one; the “end game” of this ideology is the creation of a world-wide globalist state. In this, the Multiculturalists show themselves to be the enemies of diversity, whilst Nationalists – seeking separate national entities – are the real supporters of world-wide diversity.
Multiculturalism is a disease that festers mainly in the Western world. The supporters of Multiculturalism seek the genocide of European peoples across the world. Through mass Third World immigration, inter-racial assimilation, and high non-White birth-rates, assisted by policies of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, the ethno-nihilists seek a genocide that is designed to be far more permanent than those advocated by Nazis or Communists.

Generally speaking, the Asian and African peoples are not stupid enough to seek the destruction of their own ethnicities, whilst Europeans – having suffered from decades of insipid Multiculturalists propaganda and indoctrination via the media and academia – have become so mindlessly self-destructive that many would welcome the obliteration of their own people.
The propaganda of Multiculturalism talks long and loud of diverse foods, foreign dances, and other “cultural benefits”, but it tries to hide the violence, mayhem, and despair it creates in communities.
The media act as propagandists for Multiculturalism, touting stories of migrant success, whilst playing down migrant unemployment and failures; loudly promoting Multicultural festivals, whilst usually minimising reports of ethnic violence; singing the praises of a single Asian surgeon, whilst virtually ignoring the hundreds of English surgeons; supporting pro-Multiculturalism groups, whilst attacking pro-English Nationalist organisations, using smears, lies, and other negative publicity. Media journalists and editors regularly abuse their positions of power as news-providers and opinion-shapers, as they act as propagandists for the political ideology of Multiculturalism.

Wanting to commit genocide against all of the races of the world is extremism at its worst; to want to end human biodiversity simply in pursuit of a political ideology is mega-extremism. The reason why Multiculturalists are not more widely labelled as “extremists” is because Multiculturalists themselves dominate the media industry, and therefore dictate the terms of social debates.
Multiculturalists must accept the right of the English People to exist! It is high time that we stood up to the negative propaganda of the Multiculturalists in the media, academia, and government. It is time for the English People to rise up in their own defence, to throw off the shackles of media propaganda and neo-fascist Lib Dem’, Labour, and Tory politicians. Now is the time for the English to fight back!

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