E.U. Propaganda Bill passed by British Government


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Recently Parliament blindly approved a slush-fund to pay for EU propaganda at taxpayer’s expense. By passing the EU (Approvals) Bill, the government has rubber-stamped orders from Brussels for the British electorate to fund the ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme. Our government is now obliged to fund propaganda promoting ‘political union’ with Europe. The law also permits grants for projects “directly linked to [European] Union policies, with a view to encouraging participation in the shaping the [European] union political agenda.” Meaning, big fat cheques for EU outfits telling everyone how great it is to stay in the EU!

Only 22 Tory MPs rebelled against the motion, but Bernard Jenkin and Philip Hollobone were among the ranks. This shameless display is just the tip of the iceberg. This comes a day after some 95 Conservative backbenchers signed a letter drafted by senior backbencher Jenkin calling for Parliament to be able to block any aspect of European Union legislation. The key function of Parliament has deteriorated into rubber-stamping laws made in Brussels, with the Great British Public paying to promote EU propaganda.

It has been over a year since David Cameron promised to ‘renegotiate’ the terms of Britain’s relationship with the EU and commit to allowing the Great British Public a vote in an In/Out referendum in 2017. Since then, we have seen the In/Out Referendum Bill scuppered by Labour and the Lib-Dem peers in the House of Lords.

Get Britain Out has published a piece in Trending Central about how a future referendum bill faces even greater threats and hurdles than the House of Lords, with Big Business rallying to discredit the Eurosceptic movement.

Last week French President Hollande was the latest in a string of European dignitaries who flung cold water on Cameron’s plans to reform the EU. Hollande dismissed the idea as being low on his list of priorities – no doubt because of his country’s economic meltdown. President of the European Commission J.S. Barroso himself said Cameron’s plans were ‘doomed for failure’. We are governed by a system that heaps contempt for democracy and many people are waking up to that.

Cameron is promising another attempt to get a Referendum Bill through, but it is within his power to hold a referendum before the 2015 General Election and before a Labour government potentially gets into office, yet he insists on holding it in 2017. Such a vague promise inspires no confidence as he is unlikely to win the Election.

On Wednesday, the Daily Express reported that backbench Tory MP Douglas Carswell has vowed to put his support for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union at the centre of his election campaign. This will potentially draw the ire of the Prime Minister. Carswell is the first MP to do so – so far! Dozens of Tory MPs and candidates are considering doing the same and by doing so are polishing their Eurosceptic credentials, in great part because of the electoral threat they face from UKIP. A poll recently suggested 41% of Tory activists want Cameron to forge a pact with UKIP before the 2015 election.

Furthermore, the recent shambles of the Immigration Bill led many commentators to attack the rebels for fostering disunity. But it is the willingness on the part of backbenchers to hold the government to account that helped guide us to better decisions. If it were not for rebels, we might be involved in war with Syria right now.

Alongside all this, Brussels has now passed laws meaning petrol has to contain an expensive, cleaner ‘green’ fuel. This will make the cost of motoring soar by £200 a year as well as damaging car engines just a few years’ old. But it is a good illustration of Brussels’ priorities: fuel doesn’t need to get cheaper, it should get more expensive! As ever, the news from Brussels is: formulating ever more creative ideas to rob ordinary people and price Europe out of the global market. Madness reigns.

Kind Regards,
Alan Murad, Acting Campaign Manager, Get Britain Out

P.S. We appreciate all your support and feedback. This is a Campaign for the Great British Public, one where we must reclaim our freedom. If you would like to voluntary donate to our campaign, all the details here. Thank you for your contribution.

P.P.S. I hope you find these bulletins informative. Please feel free to pass them onto friends, family, colleagues and drinking buddies at your local pub. Do encourage them to sign up for updates from our campaign and to check our website regularly.

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