No such thing as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland

If any body still believes we live in a United Kingdom then please follow the links and read the details below, whilst you can clearly find the Devolution settlements for Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland there is no such link for England, we were ignored and continue to be ignored by the Lib Lab Con.

Each settlement is different, each has various powers over their own nation’s affairs, so is it any wonder that the only nation with out a parliament, without a devolution settlement is also receives the least funding from British government. Public spending figures published by the Treasury reveal the British Government allocated spending per head of £10,876 in Northern Ireland, £10,152 in Scotland, £9,709 in Wales, and in England, last in the pecking order and falling further behind every year, £8,529.

These shocking figures mean that a clear £1,623 less is spent on every man, woman and child in England than in Scotland!

England needs a Parliament within an Independent England to free us from this mistreatment by the British Political parties.

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