Is England the last country in the British Empire?

UK 1.0

Only weeks after the Government’s decision to end warship building in England in favour of shipyards on the Clyde, I read the headline “Scots get £2,000 each more than all of us”.
It seems the Government’s policy of appeasing Scottish voters in the run-up to next year’s independence referendum is now going into overdrive.

Public spending figures just published by the Treasury reveal the UK allocated spending per head of £10,876 in Northern Ireland, £10,152 in Scotland, £9,709 in Wales, and in England, last in the pecking order and falling further behind every year, £8,529.

These shocking figures mean that a clear £1,623 less is spent on every man, woman and child in England than in Scotland!

How has this bias against the English come about? As devolution proceeds apace, the governments in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast have become increasingly confident, assertive and successful. In reaction the British Political Establishment is more than willing to pander to their every demand in an attempt to prevent the UK from drifting apart.

Meanwhile MPs elected in England, with no national parliament of our own, enter Westminster to become lost in a fog of Britishness and are unwilling or unable to obtain the rights and opportunities for their constituents that their counterparts in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have for theirs.

Little wonder that the chairman of the House of Commons’ Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee said:- “England is the last country in the Empire – still ruled, like some untrusted colonial backwater, from Whitehall.”

Sadly, he is right on this point and nothing will change until England has its own independent government!

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