English Independence – Out of E.U.

EDP Independence 1.0

At our national conference in Leicester on Saturday, 21st September, the English Democrats adopted the following resolution:-Independence for England

The English Democrats believe that England should again be an independent nation state and we will campaign to that end.

The English Democrats demand that a referendum be held for the People of England to decide whether England should become independent again and secede from the United Kingdom and the European Union.

For the first time in history there is now a fully-fledged English nationalist party that is calling for England to become independent and to leave the United Kingdom.At a well attended meeting at the Hilton Hotel, Leicester, the English Democrats Annual Party Conference on the 21st September unanimously adopted as its key note campaigning policy a campaign for the English Nation to be given a chance for a referendum to vote for independence from the United Kingdom.

Independence for England is an increasingly popular policy. In July 2013 the Labour supporting Think Tank, the IPPR, in its paper entitled “England and its Two Unions – The Anatomy of a Nation and its Discontents”, noted that even in “the complete absence of any public debate around English citizenship”, nevertheless “England is emerging as a political community” and up until now “despite no significant political party or actor advocating independence for England those supporting the proposition that England should become an independent country at 34% were only narrowly outnumbered by those in opposition 38%.” Whereas if Scotland votes to become independent “a plurality (39%, compared with 33% who disagreed) then said that England too should become independent.

The IPPR report also shows that the constitutional status quo is, across the whole of England and across all social classes, “consistent and less favoured than English independence”.Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said: “We are delighted that this proposal attracted such overwhelming support amongst the English Democrats. At a time when Scotland and Wales are moving towards independence it is more than time for England and the English Nation to consider whether we too should become independent. English nationalists are overwhelmingly Eurosceptic and English independence offers, as the EU Commission and Mr Barroso have confirmed in the case of Scotland, independence offers an immediate and automatic exit from the EU. Mr Barroso’s comments suggest that an independent England “would have to re-apply” for EU membership.Robin Tilbrook went on:- “The idea of an increasingly Eurosceptic English nation “re-applying” for EU membership is hugely entertaining”.The road to English Independence begins in Leicester

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